Windows NT4.0

Les correctifs pris en charge par le SP6a.


Cette page est la liste officielle des corrections prises en charge par le Service Pack 6a (SP6a) de Windows NT4.0.


Note : les Services Pack sont cumulatifs, c'est à dire que chaque nouveau Service Pack reprend les corrections apportées par les précédents.

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Base Operating System

Q173191 Inserting an Excel Worksheet Object May Fail Under Windows NT
Q184232 DCOMCNFG Saves Incorrect Display Name in Services
Q215367 Win32 API Function GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Returns Incorrect Access Mask Value
Q216051 FIX: DCOMCNFG NT 4.0 SP4 Does Not Write .exe Name under HKCR\APPID
Q216913 BIOS Date Value Does Not Immediately Update on January 1, 2000
Q222515 WIN16 API GetFreeSpace Returns Zero on a Computer with More than 2 GB of Memory
Q223275 Computer Stops or Hangs Due to Large System Environment Variable Values
Q224345 Spooler Service May Leak Private Bytes Attempting to Close a Remote Printer
Q224837 DCOM Clients Ping Server After Client Program Has Shut Down
Q224982 Err Msg: STOP 0x0000001e {0xc000005, 0xa1000aa7, 0x0, 0x00440194} in Win32k.sys
Q225251 MS-DOS Application May Cause STOP: 0x0000001E
Q225333 FIX: Clussvc.exe Hits 100% CPU Utilization When Doing a Group Failover
Q226535 Access Denied Error Occurs if the Roaming Profile Is Saved to a NetWare Server
Q228792 Stop 0x1e in NTFS After Changing Disk On Removable Drive
Q229607 File Corruption Occurs on an NTFS Volume with More Than 4 Million Files
Q229650 STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Running Findfast.exe
Q230784 NTVDM May Stop Responding After Quitting 16-Bit Programs
Q231622 Long Names of Local or Global Groups Truncated in Group Memberships Dialog Box
Q231944 NumLock Key State Is Not Saved When You Log Off
Q231949 AMD CPUID Check for the AMD Athlon Chip Now Allows Write-Combining Feature
Q231976 Disk Full Broadcast When Accessing Virtual CD-ROM Folder
Q232225 Winmsd.exe May Cause an Access Violation if Path Is Greater Than 517 Characters
Q232230 Jobs Not Printed When Print Server Is Busy
Q232275 Multithreaded Write Routine May Cause Data Corruption on FAT Partition
Q232733 Process Working Set Trimmed Below Minimum Unnecessarily
Q233349 Cluster Service Issues Event 1015 Every Four Hours After Applying SP5
Q234339 Volume Lock Request Does Not Release Volume After File Operation
Q234359 Structured Storage Code Can Go into an Infinite Loop
Q234655 Err Msg: Unable to Log You on Because the Netlogon Service Is Not Running
Q234658 STOP 0xC000021A in CSRSS After Attempting to Free an Already Freed Screen Buffer
Q235250 I/O May Be Performed at the Wrong Offset with Files Larger than 4 GB
Q235409 SCSI Port Driver Logical Unit Number Count Not Updated Correctly
Q235445 Seven Fonts Not Supporting the Euro Currency Symbol
Q235519 ASP Performance Monitor Chart Settings Not Read Properly From PMC File
Q235614 Windows NT 4.0 SP6 Includes Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues
Q235700 ActiveX Property Pages May Appear Erased and Hang Program
Q235999 Savedump Does Not Write Event Log Message with Event ID 1000
Q236360 Cluster Server Slows Down or Hangs When Running Resource Monitor
Q236466 Computer Hangs After Installing Checked Service Pack 5
Q236595 NTFS Deadlock During Writethrough Caching
Q236813 %HOMEPATH% and %HOMESHARE% Are Resolved Incorrectly
Q236944 Write Protect Error Occurs After Program Is Run from Floppy Disk
Q236964 Delayed Return of Paged Pool Causes Error 1450 "Insufficient Resources"
Q236981 STOP 0x0000000A Involving Scsiport.sys in Windows NT 4.0 SP5
Q237706 Memory Leak May Lead to Loss of User Profile
Q237780 GDI Subsystem Stops Responding (Hangs) and Returns Error Message in VGA Mode
Q237842 NTVDM May Switch to Uppercase After Running a 32-Bit Program
Q237955 STOP 0x0000001e in Win32k.sys
Q238009 Loss of Connection with Node Persists Until Node Is Restarted
Q238173 Quorum Checkpoint File May Be Corrupted at Shutdown
Q238244 Partition Utilities Do Not Recognize Hard Drive Partitions
Q238891 Service Pack 6 Updates Windows NT Kernel to Support Future Processors
Q239789 Access Violation Error Message with Program that Uses the DdeAddData() Function
Q239929 Compaq HALs (Including Revision G) for Alpha with Windows NT 4.0
Q240076 Windows NT 4.0 Client Not Receiving New Policy in Windows 2000 Domain
Q240740 Overflow from NtGdiAddFontResourceW Returning Uninitialized Pool
Q241040 Daylight Saving Time Change Not Applied Immediately on Some Multiple-Processor Computers
Q241387 Error Message: "STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" with Accessible Event Watcher
Q241393 Page Heap Enhancements for Advanced Debugging in Windows NT4.0
Q241535 Updated Support for MSAA Features in Windows NT 4.0 SP6
Q242013 Non-Administrators Can Modify Profile Locations in Windows NT Registry
Q242176 Error Message: A Chain of Certs Didn't Chain as They Should in a Certain Application of Chaining
Q242283 16-Bit Programs Hang Using Dynamic Data Exchange
Q242386 Cluster Does Not Log Event on Resource Monitor Failure
Q242510 Calling the SetEntriesInAcl() Function Generates Error Message 87 ("ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER")
Q242583 Resrcmon Leaks Handles When a Generic Program Resource Is Taken Online or Offline

Internet Authentication Service (IAS)

Q193490 Cannot Set Radius DSN on Alpha Computer
Q194956 Forward Slash (/) Incorrectly Rejected by IAS Profile Tab
Q194957 Internet Authentication Service (IAS) Vendor-Specific Attributes Do Not Work
Q195051 IAS Does Not Log Ascend Attribute 255 Correctly
Q197506 IAS Incorrectly Validates User Accounts
Q221196 Radius Cannot Re-Establish a Connection to ODBC Data Source
Q241400 IAS Hangs When Configured as Radius Client for Windows 2000

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Q245329 Convlog.exe Converts Year 2000 Dates to Year 2028
Q188352 ASP Caching May Cause "Server Too Busy" Errors and Blank Pages
Q193612 Log Files Rolled Over According to GMT, Not Local Time Zone
Q217763 File Access Vulnerability in Personal Web Server
Q218880 ASP Request.BinaryRead Method Causes 100 Percent CPU Utilization
Q221514 HSE_REQ_GET_CERT_INFO_EX Is Not Exposed in ISAPI ServerSupportFunction()
Q223137 IIS 4.0 Log Field May Contain Invalid Constant Time Field
Q224298 HTML Page Sent to a Browser May Be Truncated
Q230335 Dates May Be Displayed Improperly Using Configuration Back-Up Option in IIS 4.0 HTML Administrator
Q233162 Err Msg: The System Could Not Find the File Specified
Q233168 Err Msg: The System Could Not Find the File Specified
Q233335 Page Contents Visible When Certain Characters are at End of URL
Q234905 Improperly Formatted HTTP Request May Cause INETINFO Process to Fail
Q236565 TCP Connections Not Released by IIS
Q236936 Removing SSL Key Leaves Behind Undeletable Port
Q236947 Status 200 Log Entries for Non-Existent SSI File Requests
Q237873 Err Msg: Overlapped I/O Error
Q238606 Page Contents Visible When Certain Dot Extensions Present in the Virtual Directory Name
Q238631 NTLM Password Change Fails When Password Contains an Ampersand
Q239543 VBScript Error Message Browsing with Internet Explorer 5 in ISM (HTML)
Q241112 ISAPI Filter Cannot be Removed Using HTMLA
Q242001 Error 53 Error Message When You Try to Connect to a Windows 2000 Domain-Based DFS Share

Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ)

Q241525 Duplicate Transactional Messages Sent by MSMQ
Q241744 FIX: Journal Property for Private Queues Cannot be Updated from MSMQ ActiveX Components
Q241749 FIX: MSMQ ActiveX Component Receive Fails When Receiving a Message
Q241751 FIX: MSMQ AttachCurrentSecurityContext Calls May Leak Memory
Q241755 FIX: MSMQ: GetStreamedObject and GetStoredObject Return Error with VT_UNKNOWN
Q241765 FIX: MSMQ ActiveX Receive Fails Due To Bad SenderID Length
Q241771 FIX: IsWorldReadable and MSMQ Window Handle Leaks

Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)

Q232330 FIX: MTS Explorer Crashes When Configured the Machine Uses Remote DTC
Q232343 FIX: XA Transaction Monitors May Show Inconsistent Outcome
Q232348 FIX: DTC's XA RM Incorrectly Returns No More Transaction to Recover
Q232351 FIX: Repeated Load and Unload of Mtxdm.dll Causes 1MB Virtual Memory Leak
Q232533 FIX: DTC Log Notification Problem Leaves Transactions Incomplete


Q226369 Windows NT Does Not Detect Media Change on ATAPI PD CD-ROM Drive
Q228734 Windows NT Does Not Boot with Highly Fragmented MFT
Q229722 German Compound Word Not Found if Part of the Word Is in the Noise Word List
Q231855 Wordpad.exe May Delete a File With Read Only Permissions While Saving a File With Save As
Q231930 Non-US Locales Cause Index Server Queries to Not Work
Q235284 MPPE Keys Not Handled Correctly for a 128-Bit MS-CHAP Request
Q236610 DirectPlay 6.1a Launches Stable Multiplayer Game Connections
Q236940 Problems with ATAPI Multiple-LUN Devices
Q237373 In Page I/O Error Message When Attempting to Install Service Pack 4
Q239655 Event ID 4224 Jet Errors in WINS
Q239715 Radius Does Not Proxy Digital Signatures, MS-CHAP v2 Requests or Allow Cross-Forest Authentication
Q240087 Restoring NTBackup Sets Generated by Faulty SP4 Tandqic.sys
Q241042 Access to ProfileList Key Restricted with Service Pack 6
Q242521 Error Message: SetPrivilege on Account Failed


Q102721 Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt: \%Winnt%\System32\Config\SystemHardware Profile/Last Known Good Menu
Q223791 Spooler Service LPR Monitor Leaks Memory with Each Event 2004 Error
Q223863 Spooler Service May Leak Memory Attempting to Close Print Processor
Q230157 Margins Not Correct with HP 4si Printer in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
Q237181 Some LPD Print Servers Reject an LPD Connection from Windows NT
Q237420 LPR Command to Remote Printer on RAS Connection Does Not Work
Q238330 Add Printer Wizard Offers More Printer Selections in SP6
Q239070 Print Output Takes More Space After Installing Windows NT SP4
Q241311 Text After an Embedded Object May Be Printed with Some Blank Characters
Q241863 Lexmark 4226 Model 302 Printer Driver Included in Service Pack 6
Q242034 Error Message on a Blue Screen When Printing to Lexmark Optra with Far East Versions of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
Q242035 Printer Pooling Improvements in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6
Q242587 Narrow Font Printing from Access with Japanese Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 or 5


Q245678 Winsock Call Fails When You Have No Local Administrator Rights
Q216793 DHCP Server Stops Leasing Addresses if a Sharing Violation Occurs
Q221497 RRAS: RIP Routing Stops When System Time Is Changed
Q221515 Delay When Saving File to a Server with High Number of Shares
Q222077 Access Violation in RRAS When Windows Time Service Adjusts System Time
Q222164 DSMN Fails to Synchronize Passwords When Password History Is Turned On on NetWare
Q223281 Alternate File Names Are Not Supported in NetWare Redirector
Q223374 Installing SP 4 Automatically Enables DHCP Logging
Q223437 NWRDR Access Violates in Module Nwslib.dll
Q223450 TCP Initial Retransmission Timer Adjustment Added to Windows NT 4.0
Q223497 Err Msg: Logon Failure: User Not Granted the Requested Logon Type
Q223997 Log On Attempt Does Not Work on Computers with Windows NT Newly Installed
Q224428 STOP 0x0A in Redirector with Invalid Server Responses
Q224547 Memory Leak in Routing and Remote Access Service
Q224550 STOP 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys When Parsing LMHOSTS File
Q224585 TCB Hash Function Modified to Improve Network Performance
Q224600 RPC Application Causes Access Violation When Dereferencing Freed Connection Under Stress
Q225004 WSAEMSGSIZE - Error 10040 in Winsock 2.0
Q225255 Some Share Names May Not Work Correctly
Q225324 NetBT Clients Can Only Connect if They Are Set to Use B-Node Name Resolution
Q225491 RRAS Server Does Not Send FramedIPAddress in RADIUS Accounting Request Packet
Q225503 MD-5 CHAP Authentication Does Not Work with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
Q226487 IAS Returns Incorrect Data During Invalid Logon Attempt
Q226513 NPFS Leak When AddJob API Returns a Named Pipe
Q227880 Modifying TCP/IP Fields May Disable DHCP Relay Agent Service
Q228453 NBTSTAT -RR Does Not Increment Version IDs on the WINS Server
Q228456 Unnecessary Dialog Appears When Configuring TCP/IP to Use DHCP with RIP
Q228538 STOP 0x1E in Rdr.sys When DormantFileLimit Set to 0
Q228597 DHCP Server With Deactivated Scope Sends a DHCPNAK to Clients
Q228802 MS RPC Incorrect Behavior for Frame Following Maybe Frame
Q228845 Zone Transfers Are Incomplete When Deleting a Delegation
Q228942 Windows NT SP4 May Cause Loss of TCP/IP Connectivity in WLBS Host
Q229098 AppleTalk Does Not Always Respond to ZIP Queries
Q229111 Clients Running a Different Language Version Overwrite Printer Setting
Q229647 RPC, RAS, PPTP (40-bit) Encryption Added to Windows NT 4.0 French Version
Q229894 CSNW Experiences Delays Opening Files on the Network
Q230014 RRAS Does Not Report Domain Name for Users in Accounting Packets
Q230307 Slow Performance in TCP/IP When Reconnecting
Q230381 TCP/IP Dead Gateway Detection May Not Work if the ARP Cache is Empty
Q230677 Malformed Phonebook Entry Security Vulnerability in RAS Client
Q231337 Netdde.exe Does Not Relay WM_DDE_TERMINATE to Remote Clients
Q231790 File Sharing Operations to a share on Local Computer may be Slow
Q231934 Connecting to a Local Share Using Cached Credentials Is Unsuccessful in Windows NT 4.0 SP4 and SP5
Q231965 PPTP Performance Problems After Applying SP4
Q232133 STOP 0x1E or STOP 0xA with More Than 200 Ports in RRAS
Q232298 STOP 0x0000000A in SFMAtalk Because of Invalid Frame
Q232369 Abstracts Appear in Search Results if an Anchor Is Defined in Script Blocks
Q232512 TCP/IP May Retransmit Packets Prematurely
Q232559 Novell Print Banner Always Printed After Applying Service Pack 5
Q233048 Remote Access Logs Event ID 20050 When PPTP Connection Is Refused
Q233094 STOP 1E Error Message in Sfmsrv.sys
Q233249 NET SEND MyComputer Command May Not Work if Using a Hardware Profile with a Network Adapter Disabled
Q233303 DUN Credentials Cached When Save Password Not Selected with RRAS
Q233517 Domain Logon Attempt Does Not Work with M-Node Clients Using WINS Proxy Agent
Q234351 Memory Leak When Performance Counters Are Not Available
Q234593 Windows NT 4.0 Tcpip.sys Hotfixes Dated 4/28/99 to 5/28/99 Replaced
Q234980 Invalid Multicast Packets Sent with Windows NT TCP/IP Stack
Q235425 CreateFile() Can Cause Leak in Paged Pool Memory
Q235543 File Copy to Macintosh Volume Takes Time
Q235677 FTP Client May Stop Responding (Hang) with Temporary Network or FTP Server Problem
Q235703 NetWare Migration Tool May Not Migrate Long File Names with Correct Permissions
Q235863 RPC Locator Returns Duplicate or Missing Entries to RpcNsBindingLookup Calls
Q235964 Recovery Operation for Certificate Server May Invalidate Certificate Authority Keys
Q236024 Cannot Use Connection Manager to Log On to Domain with RAS
Q236316 Performance Improvement for Redirector/Server Connections Involving Small File Operations
Q236411 DNS Event Log Key Does Not Work as Expected
Q236414 Cannot Use Shares with LMCompatibilityLevel set to Only NTLM 2 Authentication
Q236449 Net LocalGroup Command May Cause Access Violation
Q236460 DNS Service Does Not Start and Event IDs May Be Displayed
Q236584 128-Bit RAS Client Is Authenticated but Cannot Use Resources on the Network
Q236959 Access Violation in Mpr.dll During Startup
Q237425 Modem No Longer Dials After Approximately Two Days
Q237942 Resolution of Unqualified Host Name May Not Succeed with SP5
Q237968 RAS Configuration May Change When You Install Multiple ISDN Cards on the Same Computer
Q238020 XIMS: NNTP Service Converts Two-Digit Years Incorrectly
Q238062 BDC Promotion May Be Unsuccessful Using Server Manager
Q238125 Stop 1E in Nbf.sys
Q238171 RAS Port Becomes Unavailable in Windows NT 4.0
Q238294 Server Comment Set with SNMP Is Not Retained After Restart
Q238380 Windows NT 4.0 Sometimes Hangs at Shutdown
Q238734 How to Disable Microsoft CHAP Authentication
Q238917 Delay If No Response for DHCP Renew/Discover
Q238966 Statically Configured WINS Client Refreshes with Secondary WINS Server
Q239079 DNS INT Zone File Identified as Reverse Instead of Forward After Applying WinNT 4.0 SP4
Q239132 Exchange Clients Appear to Intermittently Hang During Normal Operation
Q239870 RasDial Returns an Invalid Error Code
Q240059 Split Horizon with Poison Reverse Setting Causes Incorrect RIP Updates on Multiple Adapters
Q240089 RRAS Port Becomes Unavailable in Windows NT 4.0
Q240195 NET USER /TIMES Command Does Not Work in Year 2000
Q241189 SNMP Memory Leak in Windows NT4.0 Peer-to-Peer Network
Q241223 Overloaded DHCP Server Stops Functioning with Limited Queue Size
Q241480 Resource Leaks Through Iphlpapi.dll in Windows NT 4.0
Q241549 Callback Numbers May Not Work Properly
Q241657 Client's Valid x.x.x.0 Host Address Is Disallowed on the Network
Q242009 Stop 0x0000000A Error Message in the Tcpip.sys File on a Blue Screen Caused by Damaged or Invalid Packets
Q242032 Subordinate Certificates Appear Invalid with Certificate Server 1.0
Q242183 Cisco Cable Modem Unable to Receive IP Address from Windows NT 4.0 DHCP Server
Q242303 NDIS Driver May Not Properly Release a Network Adapter's Resources
Q242398 Cluster Loses Track of Custom Resource DLL Registration After Resource Monitor Failure
Q242523 Cannot Delete Macintosh Volume Using MACFILE REMOVE VOLUME Command
Q242594 Multiple-Processor Server Hangs When Receiving a Connection Request from a RAS Client


Q179148 Settings May Not Be Applied with URL with Short Filename
Q218934 Multiple Bugs in Security Configuration Manager MMC Snap-In
Q222160 Security Configuration Editor Has Several UI-Related Problems
Q223408 Scheduled Logoff Fails on Locked Workstation with Active Screen Saver
Q228467 Access Violation in Lsass.exe When Passing a Null Pointer
Q230449 Service Control Handler May Not Receive SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN Notification
Q230681 DUN Credentials Cached When Save Password Not Selected with RAS
Q231457 Malformed Request Causes LSA Service to Stop Responding
Q232710 Privileges Are not Assigned if Two Groups or Users Start with the Same Substring
Q233214 STOP 0xC0000244 Error Message Occurs Even If CrashOnAuditFail Setting Is Disabled
Q233323 Exceeding MaxRequestThreads May Cause Windows NT to Hang
Q235295 Profile Quotas Do Not Respect Excluded Folders
Q235899 ScardGetStatusChange() API May Cause Deadlock in Smart Card Resource Manager
Q236128 Deleting the Last User Privilege Deletes the Group Object
Q236359 Denial of Service Attack Using Unprotected IOCTL Function Call
Q236949 Improper Shutdown Occurrence Is Reported in the Event Viewer System Log
Q237185 Access Violation Error Message When You Quit Phone Dialer
Q237849 FIPS 140-1 Validation for Cryptographic Service Providers
Q238268 FIPS-Compliant Browser and Web Server For Windows NT 4.0
Q238349 Specially-Malformed Header in GET Request Creates Denial of Service
Q238493 Memory Leak in Programs That Load/Unload Security.dll
Q239850 SChannel.dll Updated to Support Multiple SGC Certificate Authorities
Q240071 Unable to Display Security Information on Computer with Security Configuration Manager Installed
Q240073 Privilege Violation When Creating a Pipe Instance in NPFS
Q241338 Windows NT LAN Manager Version 3 Client with First Logon Prevents Subsequent Logon Activity
Q241414 NtSetInformationObject() Does Not Check Object Handle in C2 Security Services
Q241489 User Right Incorrectly Configured in SCE High-Security Template
Q241653 Auditing Changes in SCM Not Reflected in User Manager Policies
Q241719 Incorrect Analysis Information for Security Options in Security Configuration Editor
Q242033 Access Violation in Services.exe Using the Smbtorture Tool in Samba 2.0.5
Q242366 Denial of Service When Using Xenroll to Create Files or Write to the Registry


Q221562 OFF97: IPF in Winhlp32 When Starting Help If It's Already Running
Q228543 Policy Editor Does Not Read SNMP Communities Correctly
Q229614 No Error Message If Dragging from Microsoft Exchange to Windows NT Explorer Does Not Work
Q231605 Malformed Help File Causes Help Utility to Stop Responding
Q234255 Internet Shortcuts with a URL Do Not Work
Q235602 Client Computers Report Problems Connecting to Server
Q236141 Selecting File Path Through Multiple Windows Closes Backup
Q240414 Desktop Link to Local Folder Does Not Work After Installing SP5 If NoDrives Policy Is Enabled
Q241210 Drive List Shows Only Program Drive in 16-Bit and 32-Bit Programs

Service Pack Setup

Q229804 Service Pack Appears to Extract Font Files Only
Q236954 Error Message Repairing Windows NT After Installing Service Pack
Q238671 SP4 and SP5 Enable Automatic Adjustment for Daylight Saving Time
Q238953 MSMQ IC Does Not Start if Protected Storage Disabled or Delayed
Q241331 Default (GMT) Time Zone Changes During Service Pack Upgrades
Q242278 Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 Setup Replaces 3Com EtherLink 905B Driver with New Version

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